Mission statement

Our mission is to work with you and your veterinarian to provide your pet with the most advanced treatment available. In working toward this goal, we will strive to develop and maintain working knowledge of the most current techniques and treatments available in veterinary medicine. We will strive to maintain close communication with your regular veterinarian. We will do our best to make an accurate diagnosis of your pets’ condition, to educate you on the treatment options available, and to make recommendations for the most appropriate treatment in your pets’ case.

Our purpose is to improve the quality of life for our patients and their families and to provide excellent support to our colleagues and referring veterinarians. In working toward this purpose we are striving to:
  • Improve our patients’ quality of life by practicing excellent medicine and by maximizing their health
  • Maximize our clients’ quality of life by maximizing their pets’ health and strengthening the Human-Animal bond
  • Enhance the quality of the referring veterinarians’ life by assuring them that their patients and clients are receiving excellent care while at our facility

To create an environment of healing for the human-animal bond that stems from synergy between the art and the science of veterinary medicine and to create a hospital environment with a palpable sense of well-being that originates from a team of competent, compassionate, content caregivers.

Veterinary Specialists Of Alaska