Ultrasound Service

Ultrasonographic examination in a dog

Ultrasound or ultrasonography is a valuable diagnostic imaging tool that allows visualization of our patient’s internal organs. Dr. Linda Chang has obtained advanced training in this field of diagnostic imaging during her post-graduate training, and has been performing ultrasonography over the last ten years on both, the patients of Veterinary Specialists of Alaska, P.C, and on a referral basis for our veterinary colleagues in the state of Alaska.  Her expertise in this field helped a lot of our four-legged friends to find out what may be wrong with them!
Whereas conventional radiographs (x-rays) allow assessment of size, shape and position of internal organs, ultrasound allows evaluation of the inner character of these organs. Abnormal organ texture can alert the veterinarian to conditions such as liver disease, kidney disease, stones of the urinary bladder, abscesses, and cancer. If abnormal tissues are detected during the ultrasonographic examination, and if the patient is stable enough, tissue samples may be obtained by performing ultrasound guided fine needle aspirates. With this technique, a small needle is inserted into the organ of question, for example the urinary bladder, and fluid or tissue samples are collected. These can then be examined using specific laboratory analyses, and it may be possible to diagnose a disease process without putting the patient through a more invasive procedure.
Ultrasonography can also be used to evaluate organs in the chest, such as the heart or lungs. Ultrasonography of the heart is also referred to as echocardiography. Indeed, one of Dr. Chang’s areas of research during her career at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University was echocardiography. Echocardiography allows assessment of heart valves, thickness of the heart muscle, size of the heart chambers and much more. Based on the findings during the echocardiographic examination, your pet’s heart disease may be diagnosed and appropriately treated. In certain cases we may consult with board-certified cardiologists or radiologists.

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